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Qld: Sex Self-ID Bill final vote

The ACL along with over 175 organisations and individuals who made submissions opposing
the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Bill (2022) will be carefully watching the
Queensland Parliament during its next sitting week commencing Tuesday 13 June.

According to the Parliamentary hearing transcript, experts testified during the Committee
Inquiry that sex is immutable and that changing the birth sex is inconsistent with science.

In ACL’s presentation to the Committee, Rob Norman, Queensland Political Director, said:

“This bill is based on a lie. It is a lie that men can become women and women can become
men at the stroke of a pen. It is well established by science and society and broadly accepted by organisations such as the World Health Organisation and the European Institute for Gender Equality that sex refers to the biological and physiological characteristics that define humans as female or male, and gender refers to the social attributes and opportunities associated with being female or male.”

This ill-conceived bill, if passed, will allow anyone – including minors under 18 without
their parent’s permission – to change sex on their official Birth Certificate.

Women are also losers if this bill is passed. Queensland women and girls will compete at a
distinct disadvantage in sports and women’s safety will be compromised in public toilets,
changerooms, domestic violence shelters, and women’s prisons.

The Australian Christian Lobby will be carefully watching the voting record of MPs when the
second reading of this bill comes up in Parliament as early as 13 June. We will make the
Parliamentary Hansard (record of voting) available to our supporters in the lead up to the
2024 Queensland State Election.

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