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Queer theory rebranded and served up again to children in ACT schools

I was always taught that if something waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck…then it’s a duck.

In March 2018, the ACT Government unveiled its answer to the Safe Schools program, rebranded now as the Safe and Inclusive Schools Initiative.

The ACT Government has used $200,000 to fund the work of Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT) in overseeing and providing assistance to schools in “building school cultures where prejudice, discrimination, harassment or violence is unacceptable on the basis of gender presentation/identity, intersex status or sexual orientation.”

This proposition is self-evident: surely prejudice, discrimination, harassment or violence are not acceptable for any reason? Like its Victorian counterpart, however, this program proposes to deliver much more than is declared on the packaging.

The introductory documents for the Safe and Inclusive Schools Initiativestate categorically that it is different from the Safe Schools program. The basis for this assertion is never provided and an examination of the policy documents offers no further illumination. This is queer theory, rebranded and served up again for the consumption of schoolchildren. 

According to the ACT approach:

The rebranding has done nothing to ameliorate the real problem shared equally by both initiatives: it gives schools an imprimatur to immerse children in queer theory through a comprehensive series of changes to school culture, practices and policed language (‘check your assumptions’).

In summary, the ACT Government has spent $200,000 taxpayer dollars buying a program that many ACT parents have already rejected once. The Safe and Inclusive Schools Initiative– like the Victorian Safe Schools program – promises to be ‘inclusive’ only of those who are prepared to abandon traditional views about sexuality and gender to embrace a Marxist worldview and value system.

It waddles like a duck, it quacks like a duck … it’s a duck.

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