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WA: Abortion laws to change…for the worse

In November 2022 the McGowan Government announced that it was moving to modernise WA’s abortion laws. 

Public submissions were called for.  ACL provided a detailed and well-researched submission.  The Health Department had an online survey that required multiple-choice type responses, which did not allow for any views other than maintaining the current law or liberalising it.  

On Saturday, the 10th of June, the Minister for Health, the Hon Amber-Jade Sanderson announced the outcome of their review, claiming widespread public support for the proposed measures, which will effectively allow abortion to birth.  She seemed unaware that various public opinion polls over a number of years have shown that around 60% of Australians do not support abortion post-13 weeks.

Abortions will be allowed up to 24 weeks (up from 20) with just one doctor agreeing (which can be the abortionist).  Post 24 weeks, all that is required is for a second doctor to agree that the abortion is medically justified.   

While most parties on issues like abortion give their MPs a conscience vote, given the makeup of the WA parliament, the government’s legislation is guaranteed to pass.  

In the next week, we will be providing dot points for you to write to your MPs calling for the legislation to include:

So, stay tuned for an email to assist you in writing your email. In the meantime, if you have not yet signed the parliamentary e-petition calling for an end to discrimination against unborn babies suspected of having Down Syndrome, please do so now and invite your friends and family to do likewise.  The link:$All)/4730C29869C8D8E24825899E000822C2?opendocument 

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