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WA should reject ‘suicide on demand’

Yesterday’s announcement by Health Minister Roger Cook to proceed with the government’s plan to legalise assisted suicide does not come as a surprise, says the Australian Christian Lobby.  

The panel of eleven experts tasked with drafting euthanasia legislation for parliament is also unsurprisingly in favour of assisted suicide.  

ACL’s state director Peter Abetz said, “The McGowan government’s pro-euthanasia agenda has been obvious from the beginning. The End of Life Choices Committee failed to report on several issues, including the abuses and wrongful deaths which have occurred in other jurisdictions that have legalised physician-assisted suicide.”  

“Frankly, I can’t see how an expert panel could possibly endorse the committee’s ‘suicide on demand’ approach.  Indeed, comments made by the Minister for Health were at add odds with recommendations from the committee.”  

“Assisted suicide alters the doctor-patient relationship entirely. If death can be considered a valid and legal medical treatment the inherent value for life in society will undoubtedly change.”   

“Elder abuse continues to be a scourge in our state. A recent parliamentary report revealed that up to 75,000 older people are at risk of elder abuse. WA has also recorded its highest suicide rate in 20 years, with data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing that there has been a 10 per cent increase in the number of West Aussie’s who have taken their lives from 2016-17.”  

“The government should be more concerned about these alarming figures rather than legalising assisted suicide,” commented Mr Abetz.  

The Australian Christian Lobby urges Members of Parliament to uphold the dignity of all life instead of legalising suicide on demand. 

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