A 14 year old girl should be able to compete against other girls on sports day.

Senator Claire Chandler must be commended for seeking to amend the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act to ensure that occurs. Yet if the Mercury is to be believed, this unremarkable proposition has been challenged by Premier Gutwein.

The opponents of Senator Chandler’s proposal trot out the usual platitudes about bigotry and division, when it is they that seek to divide by forcing sport bodies to conform to ill thought out codes of conduct such as the Sports Australia Code of Conduct (which requires biological males who say they are girls to be allowed to compete in girls’ sports).

It is instructive that a majority of responders to the Mercury survey on this matter support Senator Chandler.

There is a very easy solution to this problem: create a special category of competition for biological males who say they are girls to compete against each other. That is fair and allows them to compete on a level playing field (pardon the pun). Anything else is oppressive to girls. 

It is important at this time to support Senator Chandler. You can do so by signing her petition here: