Explicit Children’s Books Do Not Belong in Public Libraries

Visiting a public library with your child is a great way to encourage a love of books and reading. Libraries should be safe and inviting places where children can browse the shelves that are dedicated to their age-group. But increasingly, parents are discovering books in the children’s section with inappropriate adult concepts. One such book, ‘Welcome to Sex’, was recently removed from Big W shelves following a nationwide backlash from parents and media due to its sexually explicit, cartoon-style graphics and highly inappropriate material aimed at pre-pubescent children. But it remains available to children in local public libraries. It’s not good enough.

OUR VISION is for the innocence of every Australian child to be protected from inappropriate reading material in taxpayer funded, public libraries. You have every right to have a say regarding appropriateness of books aimed at your children, grandchildren, and students.

YOUR MISSION, if you choose to accept it! Is to check the children’s section in your public and school library for any explicit material, photograph the cover and send it to ACL at [email protected]. We will investigate and raise your concerns to the appropriate government representatives.

Kids love books – this is good. It’s something all parents want to cultivate.

Every child should be safe from sexually explicit graphics in our public libraries.

Their innocence is under attack.

Your voice is important!