Foreign Aid


Liberal National Coalition

The Coalition provided $4 billion in foreign aid in the 2019-20 budget papers.  

They have reduced Australia’s foreign aid budget for the past six years with cuts of more than $11 billion, on the current trajectory it is forecast to drop to as low as 0.16% GNI. By 2022-23 they will spend only 19 cents of every $100 of Australian national income on foreign aid. 

Australian Labor Party 

Labor has said it will “rebuild Australia’s international development” by spending $1.6 billion over four years in foreign aid. This will increase Australia’s foreign aid spending to 22 cents for every $100.  

They want a bigger refocus on the Pacific, moving back to the “Indo-Pacific” focus of previous Labor governments, and vow to strengthen relationships with increased aid spending. 

Australian Conservatives 

The Australian Conservatives have proposed to substantially reduce the level of foreign aid Australia gives and instead improve its delivery method and effectiveness. 

They recognise the need for regional aid to maintain the stability of the region but believe the Australian people must come first. Therefore, foreign aid will only be approved where it is substantially in Australia’s strategic national interest or on compassionate grounds. 

The Greens 

The Greens have committed to increasing foreign aid to 0.7 by 2030.