Are women being told the truth about abortion and their bodies?

Welcome to this very important conversation about women and our vulnerable unborn.

Many of us have heard the phrase, “my body, my choice”. And who really thinks a woman shouldn’t have rights over what happens with her own body?

But what if the decision she is making is not an informed choice? What if abortion is not just a simple medical procedure? What if abortion does not just remove a ‘clump of cells’?

What if women are not getting the information needed to make an informed choice? Does that mean it is really a choice at all? Or is this just manipulation for someone else’s benefit?

Listen to these four brave women’s voices…

Many who are standing up for life and the unborn today know that many women who had an abortion didn’t make an informed choice. Many women didn’t really understand the miracle that was going on inside their own body.

Voices for the voiceless

There is now abundant evidence of abortion coercion by partners, family and the medical profession. There is also a large body of evidence that a significant proportion of women suffer from post abortive trauma.

More and more Australians are realising the reality of the precious life of an unborn child inside a womb. More and more Australians are speaking up about their experiences leading up to and after an abortion, and the horrific domestic violence and coercion which means that this is not a real choice for women.

And more and more Australians are giving a voice to the unborn all over the country. In Sydney NSW last year, day and night rallies saw 10,000+ people join together to stand for life. In Adelaide this year some 3,000 people walked for life!

We believe that it’s more compassionate to tell people the truth. Every abortion ends a human life. There is better way. We can love both women and the unborn: we can love them both.

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“May it be said of us, that many an abortion was stopped because of their love.”

—Martyn Iles


Are you facing an unexpected pregnancy? Are you experiencing grief after an abortion? If you or anyone you know has been impacted by an abortion or unplanned pregnancy, there is help.

Contact Pregnancy Help Australia 24/7 helpline: 1300 139 313.

You can also contact Priceless Life helpline: 0413 888 613 or 1800 090 777.

Start the conversation with your friends, family, church or community…

Some ideas for a conversation starter: Do you believe we need to have so many abortions (there are around 80,000 abortions every year in Australia, over 1,500 each week)? How can we reduce the number of abortions? How can we help pregnant women with an unplanned pregnancy or who find themselves in new, difficult and dark situations? Did you know that domestic violence and coercion of women are behind many abortions? How does a woman really have a choice when she doesn’t know the truth?

One thing we must not do: we must not let this situation continue. It must change. Thank you for standing up for truth, for women and for our precious unborn!

Start the conversation with your local MP…

Contact your local MP and start a conversation with them. Use some of the ideas above or let them know you’re concerned about women not being told the truth and want to see laws changed to provide more information to women, and protect women and the unborn.