It is time to take a stand

One thing is clearer now than ever before, our nation needs courageous, well formed leaders to speak loudly and clearly into the public square.

If you are a future leader between 18 - 25, or a Christian leader involved in church ministry,
the below courses are designed to empower you for the years ahead.

Church Leaders

In an ever increasing speed of life, Church leaders are understandably desperate to reach their world with the gospel.

Issues such as the relationship between Church and State, political and legal processes, and the social impact the church has on society are tremendously important but often not deeply understood.

This intensive will challenge and equip church leaders to strategically tackle the issues facing
Christians in Australia today and around the world.

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Partnering with the Centre for Leadership & Public Service, this week long programme acts like a GPS, enabling participants to navigate their way through the landscape of ideas and attractions that universities promote. Designed for people aged 18-25, it addresses questions such as:

Where did our secular age come from? Where is it going? How can Christians respond? What is the relationship between science and religion, reason and faith? How does Christianity address the complexities of our secular age—of human identity, sexuality, technology, justice, the problem of evil, and world religions?

Delegates fellowship and dialogue on these questions with Australia’s top Christian thinkers.


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