What you can pray for today:

- NSW Abortion bill: Praise God for the Rally for Life in Sydney and the thousands of people who raised their voice for the unborn and for women!

- NSW Abortion bill: Pray for members of the upper house to vote against the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019. The Bill will remove abortion from the Crimes Act 1900 and give NSW one of the most permissive abortion laws in the world and will allow abortions to full term [beyond 22 weeks].

- South Australia "Love Adelaide": Join with Adelaide, in their month of prayer and fasting as they pray for the unborn, women and against abortion.

- South Australia prostitution: Pray for ACL SA Director Christopher Brohier as he labours to fight against the anti-women Prostitution Decriminalisation Bill. Pray for he and others as they present the Nordic Model and for a breakthrough in bringing this model to Australia. Pray for exposure of the trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable people permitted in current prostitution law.

- Israel Folau: pray for Israel and his wife, Maria as they go through legal proceedings.

- Rain: with many parts of our country facing drought - pray for God to send drought-ending rain.

- Religious Freedom: pray for our nation's freedom of speech. Pray that the new government acts to protect the freedom of people of faith.

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