“First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions…” –1 Tim 2:1-2a

"In advocating for religious freedom and the gospel, we must not merely be people who act, but even more importantly, people who pray." –Martyn Iles

Here are some specific prayer requests...

- The Truth of It LIVE Tour: Thank the Lord for more than 7,000 people who attended ACL events in Queensland. Pray they will continue to live boldly for Jesus Christ! 

- Religious Discrimination Bill (Federal): Pray that many will sign the petition to the PM asking for action on the Religious Discrimination Bill. Pray also for positive meetings with MPs. 

- Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill (SA): The bill will be debated on Wed 9 June. Believers will be praying on the steps of Parliament that day. Pray that the bill will be significantly amended so that vulnerable lives will be protected. 

- Assisted Suicide Bill (Qld): The nation's most liberal euthanasia bill are being debated in Qld Parliament. Pray for a strong response to the email campaign to voice opposition to the bill.

- Born Alive Bill (Federal): Pray that the government will adopt MP George Christensen's bill - there is currently some resistance to it. This bill seeks to ensure that babies born alive in failed abortions will receive essential medical care and pain relief.  

- Anti-Vilification Bill (Vic): Recommendations have been put forward that, if made into law, will further erode freedom of speech and religion. Pray these recommendations will NOT be drafted into a bill.

- Push for satanism in schools (Qld): The Noosa Temple of Satan has filed an application to Queensland's Supreme Court to have satanism taught in Queensland schools and for devil-worshippers to be accepted as chaplains. Pray the application will be rejected.

- Parental Rights Bill (NSW): Pray that this bill will continue to move forward. Pray that parental rights will be protected and that NSW schools will be banned from teaching gender fluidity to children.  

- Decriminalising prostitution (SA): There is another move to abolish all laws relating to prostitution. The SA Police Commissioner says the bill will place community safety at risk and allow organised crime to flourish. Pray for this bill to be defeated and for the Nordic model for prostitution law reform to be adopted.   

- Human Rights Law Alliance: Pray for HRLA lawyers to have wisdom and favour as they defend Christians who are facing discrimination for their faith. Pray that God will draw many more Christian lawyers to join their alliance.    

- Grassroots movement: Praise God for the enthusiasm and activity of ACL volunteers and supporters! Pray that God will bless and encourage them, as their service makes a powerful difference in defending truth in our nation. 

- Scott Morrison: Pray for wisdom, strength and encouragement for our Prime Minister, and for unity within his party.

- Churches: Pray for Australian churches to grow in size, spiritual maturity, and effectiveness in discipling members of their communities. Pray that many more Australians will turn to Christ and find a church home to belong to.

- Society: Masculinity and fatherhood is increasingly devalued. Yet there is a critical need for strong, godly men! Pray for the men in our nation to be faithful and loving husbands and fathers. Pray they will be strong in faith, productive and successful in their work, and serve as role models to others in the community. Pray for God's favour and protection on families. 

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