“First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions…” –1 Tim 2:1-2a

"In advocating for religious freedom and the gospel, we must not merely be people who act, but even more importantly, people who pray." –Martyn Iles

Here are some specific prayer requests...

- Religious Discrimination Bill (Federal): The announcement of a bill is imminent. Please pray that an effective bill results from the consultation process.  

- Decriminalising Prostitution (SA and Vic): The Victorian legislation was tabled last week and it will be debated on 27 October. Pray that the Coalition and the Crossbenchers in the Upper House will take a strong position, and support prostitution reforms that ban the purchase of sex. Pray also that the legislation will be rejected in SA.  

- Discrimination against Christian schools (Vic): The Victorian government has announced that new legislation will be introduced in October that will determine who Christian schools can employ. Pray that this discriminatory move will fail. 

- Assisted Suicide Bills (NSW, NT, ACT): The NSW euthanasia bill has been delayed until November. Pray that it will be rejected. The Attorney General Michaelia Cash has denied efforts to introduce euthanasia to the NT and ACT. The fight may not be over yet, but thank the Lord for her strong opposition. Pray that she will have the Lord's wisdom and grace.

- ACNC Regulation 3 (Federal): A new regulation sets an extremely low threshold for potential action against charities - which could shut them down. The Senate can vote to disallow this regulation. The vote has been delayed until 24 November. Pray for the success of a disallowance motion - so that the charitable sector will be protected from bureaucratic overreach. 

- Equal Opportunities Act (WA): Exemptions for religious institutions such as churches and Christian schools could be removed or scaled back if changes are made to the Equal Opportunities Act. Pray that the current exemptions will continue to apply

- Parental Rights Bill (NSW): The bill will go to the Legislative Council for debate. Pray that it will pass in both the Upper and Lower Houses - to protect parental rights and stop schools from teaching gender fluidity to children. 

- Anti-Vilification Bill (Vic): The government supports most of the recommendations we were concerned about, which will restrict free speech. It will take a while to be drafted into a bill. In the meantime, keep praying that freedom of speech will be protected.  

- Born Alive Bill (Federal): Pray that the government will allow this bill to be debated and that it will pass - so that babies born alive in failed abortions are given medical care and pain relief.  

- Afghanistan: Continue to pray for hope, stability and safety for the people of Afghanistan. Pray that those who are able to leave will be safety evacuated - especially Christians who are in critical danger. For those who must remain, pray that many will turn to Christ at this time. Pray that the Lord will change the hearts of the Taliban leaders. 

- Human Rights Law Alliance: Pray for HRLA lawyers to have wisdom and favour as they defend Christians who are facing discrimination for their faith. Pray that God will draw many more Christian lawyers to join their alliance.    

- Grassroots movement: Praise God for the enthusiasm and activity of ACL volunteers and supporters. Pray that God will continually encourage them and draw many more believers to join them in proclaiming truth in our nation. 

- Scott Morrison: Pray for wisdom, strength and encouragement for our Prime Minister. 

- Churches: Pray for Australian churches to grow in size, spiritual maturity, and effectiveness in discipling members of their communities. Pray that many more Australians will turn to Christ and find a church home to belong to. 

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