qld advertising standards

QLD Gov bans junk food advertising – they can also ban sexually explicit advertising!


It’s as simple as that!


The Queensland government has decided, for the sake of our children’s well-being, to prevent junk food advertising from appearing around public schools, sports centres, community recreation venues and other government-owned and operated facilities including public transport hubs.


Advertising Overhaul – The Gaps…The Dangers:
Whilst this “radical overhaul” by our state government seeks to ban junk food advertising, it continues to overlook the years of inquiries, research and evidence that establishes the damage to our children’s health caused by sexually explicit ads. From Academics, to Practitioners and even The Australian Medical Association, there have been repeated calls on government to crack down on sexually explicit ads. More and more evidence is being presented that there is a connection between a sexualized environment and harms to children including body image dissatisfaction, eating disorders, unwanted sexual encounters, low self-esteem, and even poorer academic performance, depression and anxiety.