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  • ACT parents’ rights trashed

    ACT parents’ rights trashed Read More

  • Calls to ban LGBT “conversion therapy” are dishonest dog whistling

    South Australia is set to become the next state to criminalise LGBT “conversion therapy.” I think it’s time this whole thing was called out for the hoax and the anti-religion dog whistle that it is. Read More

  • Shining a light on Victoria’s dangerous ‘conversion’ ban

    This forum shines the light on LGBT conversion legislation – putting children in harms way; abolishing freedom of speech, association and expression. The Australian Christian Lobby does not support any coercive conversion practice, nor do the forum speakers. However, we all share common concerns about proposed LGBT conversion legislation. No other approach on sexual orientation and gender identity is allowed apart from the ‘affirming’ approach – which not only denies anyone, especially children, the ‘watchful waiting’ treatment, but sends children into chemical or surgical castration. The broad definition of ‘conversion practice’ could also brand as ‘harmful’ everyday Christian practices such as pastoral care, bible study, preaching, prayer, self-control, abstinence… Read More

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