Welcome to our Victorian Schools website.

As an organisation, we share your concerns regarding the education and wellbeing of our State’s children at school. Over the past few years, numerous reports indicate that academic performance among Victorian students has been in steady decline. Recently, Herald Sun made the astonishing claim that Victorian teenagers “aren’t as smart as they were 20 years ago.”

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Whilst COVID19 lockdowns, mobile phones, teacher shortages and a lack of parenting help may play a part in this worrying decline in educational standards, evidence points to other, often hidden, factors that are contributing to the poor academic performance and mental well-being of our children.

In the coming months, we will distribute a set of flyers that explore with parents and grandparents other factors that are contributing to the downward trend in the educational standard of our State’s young people – our future leaders. Coinciding with the leaflet distribution, this website will be populated with relevant news articles and websites for parents/grandparents to read, research, and formulate their own opinion.

Every child matters. It is because of our genuine care for Victorian families and school children, that we hope to journey with you in understanding the challenges our children face at school today, in the hope that together, we will be able to explore and establish a better future for them.

Thank you.

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