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Now’s the time for introductions!

We have a new parliament and each of us have a Representative to parliament that has either been newly elected or re-elected. This gives us a great opportunity to reach out and open the door for us to have meaningful dialogue with them over this term of parliament.

To help you do this, we have provided a suggested letter that you can use to get in touch with your MP and Senators to let them know that you/your church will be praying for them, and to encourage them to prioritise the issues important to people of faith as the new parliament begins.

Of course, our wording is just a suggestion. We encourage you to edit it and add your own local concerns/thoughts. Click here to find the contact details of your MPs and Senators. 

Dear (MP/Senator) 

(for MP: “Title (e.g Mr, Ms, Dr) Surname MP” for Senator: “Senator Surname”),

As one of your constituents, I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate you on your re-election/election and introduce myself. My name is  . (Tell a little about yourself – family, interests, school and church association).

At our church, and as an individual, we pray for our nation and our parliamentarians, for wisdom and protection, and that they will advance policies for the good of our nation and its people.

I also follow the work of the Australian Christian Lobby and support their call for government action on issues such as a Religious Discrimination bill, pathways to permanency for refugees currently on Temporary Protection Visas, a world-class education curriculum, women’s sport, protecting the innocence of children, and advocating for the welfare of families.

Thank you for taking on the task of leadership in our nation, in particular serving our community. I know it doesn’t come without personal sacrifice. I look forward to connecting further with you.

Kind regards

Your name



Phone number

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