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  • Anti-Christian nexus broken in Victoria

    The exit of the Reason Party (formerly the Sex Party) from the Victorian Parliament is good news as they have been responsible for introducing legislation which harms the most vulnerable Victorians. Read More

  • ACL invited to meet with Justice Rothman

    On Friday 9 December, ACL’s National Director of Politics, Wendy Francis, accompanied by our legal counsel, Christopher Brohier, and Queensland Director, Rob Norman, met with the Hon Justice Stephen Rothman AM in his role as ALRC Commissioner, appointed to oversee the review of the SDA. Read More

  • Stand against the aggressive pro-abortion agenda

    Last week I was privileged to be invited to be part of a relatively small group to hear from Jordan Peterson in Federal Parliament. Amongst other profundities, he said, “I don’t care what your view of abortion is – fewer is better. Let’s start there.”  Whilst I don’t disagree with his desire for less abortions,… Read More

  • Research on abortion coercion confirms what was intuitively understood

    Reproductive Health Journal research regarding coercion and abuse of pregnant women has revealed the most common form of coercion and abuse of pregnant women is that which pressures them into having an abortion. Read More

  • “That sounds like murder to me!”

    Laura Jayes on Sky News – “That sounds like murder to me!” Read More

  • More support for women, not penalties

    Following the overturning of Roe v Wade in the USA, a journalist in Australia contacted the ACL with the following questions… Read More

  • Now’s the time for introductions!

    We have a new parliament and each of us have a Representative to parliament that has either been newly elected or re-elected. This gives us a great opportunity to reach out and open the door for us to have meaningful dialogue with them over this term of parliament. To help you do this, we have… Read More

  • Is a Federal Religious Discrimination Bill dead and buried?

    What many do not realise is that over 60% of Australians (14 million people) identify as religious, and almost 3 in 10 Australians (29%) report having been discriminated against on the basis of their religious beliefs. This is, unfortunately, a growing trend. Increasingly, churches, faith-based schools and organisations are being targeted for simply adhering to… Read More

  • The importance of your school P&C

    It can be difficult to keep up with the multiple ways schools are teaching our children how good it is to identify as ‘queer.’ Read More

  • Vic: More intentionally motherless children

    Do mothers matter? The rise in the number of intentionally motherless children can be attributed to marriage equality laws. Now, Victoria is allowing single men access to surrogacy. Read More

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  • Shocking statistics on the number of Australian children contracting sexually transmitted infections (STI) are a symptom of a broad social issue that requires urgent national attention.   Commenting on the findings, Wendy Francis, National Director of Politics of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said, “Australian adults are seriously neglecting the wellbeing of our nation’s children… Read More

  • A father has hit the news for what most Australians would view as responsible parenting. He removed his teenage daughter from Geelong Grammar School rather than have her sharing boarding arrangements with a biological male.   The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL)’s Victorian State Director, Jasmine Yuen said, “This is yet another outcome from the ideologically driven policies of the Victorian… Read More

  • But so are Australian parents.  The ABC continues to alienate themselves from everyday Australian parents with their latest ‘dummy spit’ over pushback on their callout for 3-5 year olds to be part of their Drag Queen Story Time filming. Wendy Francis is a parent and grandparent and also the National Director of Politics for the Australian… Read More

  • Australia’s e-safety Commissioner has encouraged us to celebrate ‘Safer Internet Day’ despite Australian children remaining without recommended protections from online pornography in place.   National Director of Politics for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) and long-time campaigner for the innocence of children, Wendy Francis, said, “Numerous inquiries and committee recommendations have urged action by the government… Read More

  • A clinical review has been called for by Queensland’s Health Minister, Shannon Fentiman, who has expressed concern regarding the State’s rising number of deaths of babies. Ms Fentiman said, “I want this review to look into why we have a high level of stillbirths”.  National Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Wendy Francis, said, “Minister… Read More

  • News that Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital affirms gender contrary to biological reality for children as young as three contravenes all established medical principles and current global advice. National Director of Politics for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Wendy Francis, said, “Strict guidelines are being introduced regarding suspected concussion cases for children in sport. If there is any… Read More

  • Furious parents are demanding the Victorian State Government step in to protect their children who attend Clifton Springs Primary School following the replacement of their toilets with gender-neutral facilities used by all children. Commenting on the controversial move, Jasmine Yuen, Victorian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby said, “Schools are meant to be safe and enjoyable… Read More

  • Instead of their plan to cancel Christmas, Victoria’s Pacific Werribee shopping centre came close to being cancelled by their customers when they replaced “Merry Christmas” with “Merry Everything”. Commenting on the ‘own goal’, Jasmine Yuen, Victorian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said, “Pacific Werribee’s ‘Merry Everything’ Christmas campaign was a money raising… Read More

  • The latest mobile billboard advertisement from Melbourne brothel, ‘Gotham City’, features highly sexualised, exploitative images which objectify all women and ignores community responsibility to protect children as it roams Melbourne streets including near schools.  Jasmine Yuen, Victorian State Director for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said, “Under the Andrews-Allan Government’s Sex Work Decriminalisation Law, the sex… Read More

  • It seems that Melbourne’s Boroondara Council has nothing better to do than to spend time in consideration as to whether they should remove the saying of the Lord’s Prayer in their proceedings. Victorian State Director for the Australian Christian Lobby, Jasmine Yuen, said, “It’s very disappointing that a number of Boroondara Councillors want to replace the… Read More