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Research on abortion coercion confirms what was intuitively understood

Reproductive Health Journal research regarding coercion and abuse of pregnant women has revealed the most common form of coercion and abuse of pregnant women is that which pressures them into having an abortion. The tactics include the use of threats and/or violence and impacts approximately 10% of women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

National Director of Politics for the Australian Christian Lobby, Wendy Francis, said,

“This is yet another shocking statistic emerging in the light of the renewed discussion on abortion following the US Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v Wade. It follows Sky News presenter, Laura Jaye’s comment that sex-selection abortion, ‘sounds like murder’, and the continuing campaign by pro-life advocates to provide healthcare to babies born alive following abortions.

“It is hoped that these issues were included in the discussion on abortion when State and Federal women’s ministers met in July. It’s time to face up to the real issues around abortion in our nation.”

On the back of this research, the ACL urges all women’s ministers to call out coercive behaviour targeting pregnant women and advocate for more support centres that offer confidential and non-judgemental counselling for vulnerable women facing an unexpected pregnancy.

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