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“That sounds like murder to me!”

“That sounds like murder to me!” —Laura Jayes

Listen to this surprising interview between Wendy Francis and Sky News presenter Laura Jayes.

Following the monumental overturning of Roe v Wade in the US, ACL had many media opportunities to add our voice to the growing global prolife movement. One such appearance was particularly outstanding in highlighting misconceptions that well-meaning people can have regarding abortion in Australia. Wendy Francis, ACL’s National Director of Politics was interviewed by Sky News presenter Laura Jayes.

During the conversation, the increasing concern regarding sex-selection abortions being sought in Australia was raised. When confronted with the fact that some couples have an abortion on the basis of sex, Ms Jayes initially expressed her disbelief. Sadly, her ignorance on this is reflected in the general population, most of whom would be horrified to know the extent of the problem.

Many of our readers will know of Australian doctor, Dr Mark Hobart, who risked his career by refusing to refer a couple for an abortion of a healthy baby that was not the sex the parents desired.

The fight against abortion is not over, but, with the overturning of Roe v Wade, it has taken a positive step forward.

The most profound moment of the interview, which we encourage you to watch, is when Laura Jayes said regarding sex-selection abortion – “That sounds like murder to me!”

It does to us too, Laura.

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