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Important read for all concerned about children

Katy Faust and Stacy Manning’s book, Them Before Us, reverses the usual adult-centric conversation about marriage, family, surrogacy, adoption, reproductive technology, divorce, same-sex parenting, cohabitation and even polygamy by considering these issues from the child’s perspective and rights.

Backed by sound research, this book does not shy away from hard truths as it details the dangers of putting adult desires before what is best for children as well as the fact that children fare best mentally, physically and emotionally, when they are reared by their married biological parents.

The book expertly assists adult readers to think through these contemporary issues from a child’s perspective and consider what it takes to be a defender of children’s rights. Putting children first may require personal sacrifice, but the rewards are great.

Readers are encouraged to actively champion the cause of children’s rights and be ready to defend the importance of mothers and fathers, particularly to legislators who we need to implement family-friendly, child-centric, policies.

Them Before Us is committed to sharing statistical realities and it is an important read for Australians who are concerned about the extent of family breakdown in our nation, and its negative impact on the welfare of our most precious and vulnerable resource – our children.

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