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Personal safety the ultimate Qld election winner

Thank you to literally hundreds of Queensland ACL volunteers who successfully took a message of truth and of life to the hearts and minds of everyday Queenslanders in the streets of our great State. You were magnificent! Ultimately the desire for safety from COVID-19 won the day.

Sadly however, in Queensland today, the most vulnerable remain unsafe. Approximately 200 babies are aborted in our State every week. More than 1 baby a fortnight survives an abortion but is denied medical care. The headlines in Monday’s Courier Mail have announced the top priority of the fast-tracking of euthanasia laws.

Andrew Breitbart said, “politics is downstream from culture”. I believe we’ve seen that play out this past weekend in Queensland. Our culture has become all about prioritising number 1; our own safety, our own comfort. This is not the life that Jesus called his followers to live. He taught us that every human life is precious, created in his image, and worth dying for – not to be arbitrarily judged unworthy of life, and disposed of. And He charged his followers to care for the vulnerable.

There is much to be encouraged about as we consider this election campaign. Along with the messages of truth delivered into letterboxes, on phone calls, and through various forms of media, the knowledge that God is working in the lives of His people was palpable on election eve when hundreds of Christians, from many denominations, met in various places along the Sunshine Coast to worship, read God’s Word, and pray whilst a black mass was held in the Sunshine Coast. It was a wonderful time.

We will press on. In the coming months and years, our mandate to speak truth in the public squares, and in our neighbourhoods and to our friends, is all the more urgent. Our desire is to turn people’s hearts back to seek the Truth. There is no better time than now to join with us as we mobilise a grassroots army who will be trained, equipped, encouraged, and networked with others, seeking to do God’s work here on earth.

“Your Kingdom come, Your will be done here on earth, as it is in heaven.”

–Matt 6:10

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