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The children who will never be born

Late evening on Wednesday 17 October, something historic occurred. The Queensland Parliament passed a bill into law allowing for the abortion of unborn children until full term. Fifty votes to forty-one voted in favour of the radical bill. The Chamber erupted in applause and celebration.

It was heralded as;  

“A momentous occasion for women’s rights.”  

“Archaic 19th-century laws repealed.”  

“Finally, Queensland women can control their own bodies.”  

A city bridge was even lit up in purple lights to mark this significant achievement.   

Not one thought is given to the babies – the little humans, the potential people who now, by law are forgotten and left for dead.  

“A momentous occasion for women’s rights?” – What about the unborn baby girls, how do women’s rights help her? She is one of the most vulnerable women in the world yet not one thought given to her wellbeing. Instead “women’s rights” allow for her never to become a woman herself.  

“Archaic 19th-century laws repealed?” – How are 19th-century unborn children any more important or human than unborn children today? What makes the acknowledgement that unborn children are human beings archaic?   

“Finally, Queensland women can control their own bodies?” Not only their own bodies but the body of the individual unborn child as well. This is not just a women’s health issue – it is an issue that affects the health, safety and very lives of unborn babies. Babies who while vulnerable and dependent on their mother do not have the same control over their own bodies.  

For these reasons, I did not applaud. I did not celebrate.   

Instead, I wept. My thoughts were with the innocent children who will no doubt never enter this world because of this new legislation.   

My thoughts were with the women who would carry the loss and bare the painful emotional consequences of going through with an abortion for the rest of their lives.  

The unknown potential. The unlived lives. The children who will never be born.  

Truth has fallen in the public square, and we are living in a world wrought with the consequences of postmodern thought and the cultural Marxist creep.   

And so, the little ones suffer.  

I am comforted in this time by the hope we have in Christ. Romans 15:13 says:  

“May the God of hope fill you with all peace in believing so that by the power of the holy spirit you may abound in hope.”    

Yes, this was a truly heartbreaking loss for unborn children and women in Queensland, but it is not the end. We serve a God who uses all things for His good (Romans 8:28), a God who has ordered the very heavens and the earth (Job 37), who feeds the birds and clothes the lilies of the fields (Matthew 6:26-7). It is in Him we have our hope, knowing that He will have His way and that it is our role to trust and hope in Him.

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