Calvary Hospital

Calvary Hospital TAKEOVER


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Hear what happened with the government takeover of Calvary Hospital
and what this means for your religious freedom.

Calvary Hospital’s injunction to stop the takeover by the
ACT Government was dismissed by the Supreme Court.

This decision reveals that the ordinary person or business has little to no protection against a state determined to impose its ideological views on its people.

It seems likely that the takeover will go ahead on 3 July, and Canberra will lose its best hospital.

This takeover is just the latest example of the urgent need to defend religious freedom in Australia.

Together, we must continue to oppose any attempt by governments to seize control of faith-based institutions and erode religious freedom.

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Get informed with Wendy Francis, National Political Director

Hundreds Gather To Raise Alarm

a group of people sitting in front of a crowd

Hundreds of concerned community members gathered at St. Christophers Cathedral in Canberra for a town hall meeting to raise alarm over the Catholic-run hospital’s forced takeover.

Speakers at the event included Jeremy Hanson – ACT Opposition Leader, John Steenhof – Managing Director of the Human Rights Law Alliance and Wendy Francis – Acting CEO of the Australian Christian Lobby.

John Steenhof
Managing Director & Principal Lawyer – Human Rights Law Alliance
Jeremy Hanson, CSC, MLA
Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Canberra Liberal Member for Murrumbigee
Calvary.  Wendy Francis.  John Steenhof. Dan Flynn. Nikki Aben.

(L-R): James Milligan MLA, Wendy Francis (ACL), Jeremy Hanson MLA, John Steenhof (HRLA), Peter Cain MLA, Dan Flynn (ACL), Nikki Aben (ACL)

Community Speaks Out