NSW Conversion Practices Legislation

The proposal of so-called conversion practices legislation is unfortunately a theme right now in the chambers of NSW Parliament.

The Independent MP Alex Greenwich and the new Minns Government have both proposed legislation aimed at banning so-called ‘conversion practices’. The stated aim of the legislative ban is to prohibit practices that seek to alter an individual’s “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”.

The intent of the proposed laws is often masqueraded behind sensationalist talk of former cruel practices that no longer exist in Australia. However, in truth, the proposed reforms are far more ideological with the direct aim of cancelling a biblical perspective on sex and sexual behaviour.

The passing of currently proposed ‘conversion practices’ legislation would see:

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Joshua Rowe, State Director NSW

A three-part series on conversion legislation: ideologically underpinned, facilitating harm, and criminalising a fundamental right to religious freedom.

Taking action today is imperative to stop these ‘conversion’ laws sweeping our nation.



Write to your MP

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Call A Labor MP

Use this page to watch the pre-election promises made by Labor MPs to protect the rights of parents, pastors, and medical professionals to share a biblical view on sex and sexuality.
Then navigate to your local MP and electorate to find:

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You can raise awareness. Please share this webpage to inform others and rally them to take action on this crucial issue.


James Parker 

The Australian Christian Lobby extends our sincerest gratitude to James Parker for the production and provision of this short film:


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