Calvary Hospital

Save Calvary Hospital

The ACT government’s plans to forcibly acquire Calvary Hospital in Canberra, currently managed by the Catholic Church, have sparked strong opposition from Australians of faith.

This draconian action raises concerns about the autonomy of faith-based institutions and their ability to uphold their religious ethos.

It not only dismisses conscientious objection but also sets a concerning precedent for potential takeovers of other institutions, such as Christian schools, aged care facilities, and adoption agencies that don’t accord with government ideology.

Religious freedom and conscientious objection are under threat across Australia.

Calvary Hospital Campaign Update

As predicted the Calvary bill passed the Legislative Assembly on Thursday, 1st June 2023. 

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What’s next?

Calvary Injunction

Short Summary:
The Government will not enter Calvary yet. A court hearing will be held Wednesday, 7th June 2023, to determine if the ACT Government can be prevented from entering Calvary ever, under the Law that was passed.

A quick update on last weeks hearing– in legal speak:

Agreed orders (and an undertaking) were granted by McCallum CJ, in support of Calvary’s application for an interlocutory injunction resisting the ACT Government’s acquisition of Calvary Hospital. The application for a final injunction will be heard on Wednesday at 10am before McCallum CJ, rather than the Full Court (Calvary’s preference). Most of the day has been set aside.

Submissions on both sides are to be filed by midday on Monday. Calvary was given leave to reply to the Government’s submissions orally (if necessary), or by way of amended submissions, before oral argument commences. The only affidavit evidence expected to be presented by the Government would go to the issue whether the final injunction should be granted (or a further interim injunction if judgment is reserved).

David Williams SC appeared for Calvary Hospital, instructed (indirectly) by Ross Hawkins (Regional CEO – ACT of Calvary).

Hundreds Gather To Raise Alarm

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Hundreds of concerned community members gathered at St. Christophers Cathedral in Canberra for a town hall meeting to raise alarm over the Catholic-run hospital’s forced takeover.

Speakers at the event included Jeremy Hanson – ACT Opposition Leader, John Steenhof – Managing Director of the Human Rights Law Alliance and Wendy Francis – Acting CEO of the Australian Christian Lobby.

John Steenhof
Managing Director & Principal Lawyer – Human Rights Law Alliance
Jeremy Hanson, CSC, MLA
Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Canberra Liberal Member for Murrumbigee
Calvary.  Wendy Francis.  John Steenhof. Dan Flynn. Nikki Aben.

(L-R): James Milligan MLA, Wendy Francis (ACL), Jeremy Hanson MLA, John Steenhof (HRLA), Peter Cain MLA, Dan Flynn (ACL), Nikki Aben (ACL)

Community Speaks Out