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  • Euthanasia Update

    Wherever assisted suicide or ‘voluntary euthanasia’ is legalised, it puts pressure on the elderly, terminally ill and people trapped in fear or despair to end their lives. Read More

  • NSW adjusts course to pass pub test and WA leads the way

    Last Tuesday, the Australian Christian Lobby called out the NSW government’s approach of imposing greater COVID-19 restrictions on churches than on pubs, clubs and restaurants, saying it failed the ‘pub test’. Religious groups and members of parliament applied courteous pressure on the government to put religious gatherings and places of worship on the same footing as… Read More

  • Why the Eden-Monaro by-election is important for religious freedom

    The first by-election for this term of government, the Eden-Monaro vote is something of a test for Scott Morrison and his leadership. Read why it matters. Read More

  • My thoughts on the new PM

    The last several days have been remarkable with our new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, making some serious waves—and headlines.  Read More

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  • The Australian Christian Lobby has expressed its disappointment at the passing of the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019 through the NSW Legislative Assembly today. Read More

  • The Australian Christian Lobby has expressed its concern at today’s announcement that laws to liberalise abortion are likely to be introduced into NSW Parliament this week. Read More

  • The Australian Christian Lobby welcomes a recent statement by the Hon Fred Nile MLC that he will push for time to debate and vote on his bill named Zoe’s Law, which will establish a separate offence for conduct causing serious harm, or death to an unborn child. Read More

  • The recent tragic deaths of car crash victims Katherine Hoang along with her unborn twins and their teenage driver has renewed calls by the Australian Christian Lobby for the law to recognise the death of unborn children as separate criminal offences. Read More

  • The Australian Christian Lobby is gravely concerned by revelations in the Daily Telegraph today that New South Wales teachers are being taught how to identify gender confused children and to support them through the transition process.    “Of the one per cent of children who suffer from gender dysphoria over 80 per cent resolve to their natal sex during puberty.… Read More

  • The NSW community is worse off, now that charitable offers of support to women entering abortion clinics is set to become a criminal offence, according to the Australian Christian Lobby. Read More

  • The Australian Christian Lobby is deeply concerned by the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian confirmation that she is likely to vote for an abortion exclusion zone bill that, in her own words, is ‘flawed’. Read More

  • A bill co-sponsored by Nationals MLC Trevor Khan and introduced into the NSW Legislative Council could alienate the conservative base of the National Party, according to the Australian Christian Lobby. Read More

  • A pro-abortion bill that seeks to criminalise offering women support near abortion clinics in New South Wales does not put women first, warns the Australian Christian Lobby. Read More