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MR_ACL Urges NSW Abortion Rethink

The Australian Christian Lobby has expressed its concern at today’s announcement that laws to liberalise abortion are likely to be introduced into NSW Parliament this week.

“Supporters of decriminalisation have expressed support for the Queensland and Victorian model, which is among the most radical in the world. It allows abortion right up to the moment of birth, which is barbaric and extreme.”

“It is unfortunate that safeguards and support options for women are not being considered, such as cooling off periods and counselling, which are legislated in many European countries,” said ACL NSW Director, Kieren Jackson.

“The MPs pushing this bill may say that the medical association is in support, but there are significant numbers of doctors and nurses across this state who want nothing to do with abortion because they know what is involved.” Jackson said.

ACL’s spokesperson for women and children, Wendy Francis said, “Technology has come a long way. Medicine now allows life-saving operations on unborn babies which this law also allows to be destroyed.”

“This week, NSW government Minister Andrew Constance censored a billboard which simply said, ‘a heart beats at 4 weeks.’ This government won’t even allow the simple truth concerning human development to be known, so it cannot be trusted to act objectively on this issue,” Francis said.
“Women experiencing an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy should be treated with great respect and sensitivity, and given true choices that promote the best interests of mother and child. Choosing abortion in the absence of other support is not a free choice.” Francis said.


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