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ACL Calls Out Kelly’s Double Standards 

The Australian Christian Lobby WA state Director, Peter Abetz has called out the double standards evident in Labor backbencher Dave Kelly’s Opinion Piece in the West Australian today (23/02/2024).

“Kelly seems to have no problem with politicians being able to terminate the services of staff who no longer align with the values or views of the politician they are working for. Yet he claims it is a great evil that the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 allows faith- based schools to terminate the services of a staff member whose values and beliefs no longer align with the values of the school.

“Mr Kelly has no respect for the human right of parents articulated in Article 18 of The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which provides that parents have the right to ensure their children are educated in conformity with their own beliefs and values.

“Parents make significant sacrifices to send their children to faith-based schools, because they want their children not only taught the values and beliefs of their faith, but also to see the values and beliefs of the faith modelled by the staff of the school.

“If parents or students or staff object to faith-based schools being operated in keeping with the beliefs and values of the school, they are at liberty to send them to a different school. No one is forced to attend or work at a faith based school.

“Faith based schools are not forcing their view on anyone. But Mr Kelly and some activists are determined to use legislation to force their moral views on faith communities. That is nothing short of bigotry.”

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