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Katter MP Champions Inquiry into Queensland Gender Services

Queensland MP, Shane Knuth has taken a strong stand for the health and well-being of children across the state by calling for an inquiry into the failed gender affirmation model currently employed by Queensland Gender Services.

Queensland Director for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Rob Norman, said, “This week in the Queensland Parliament, Mr. Knuth voiced the concerns of thousands of Queenslanders, as he addressed the use of the puberty blockers and hormone treatments for gender-dysphoric children, citing the damning findings of the independent UK Cass review which led to the withdrawal of the model from all UK health services. His call for an immediate suspension of the program and the launch of an independent inquiry underscores his party’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the best possible care for Queensland’s youth.

The gender affirmation model, used in Queensland on children as young as twelve, has come under increasing global scrutiny, with serious questions raised about its efficacy and safety. Mr. Knuth’s call for an inquiry is a proactive step towards addressing these concerns and ensuring that Queensland’s healthcare system prioritises the well-being of its youngest citizens above all else.

“The gender affirmation model is a failed experiment that facilitates serious long-term physical, psychological, and psychosocial outcomes according to the UK Cass ‘Independent Review into the Use of Gender Identity Services for Children and Young People’”.  

The ACL calls on the Queensland Minister for Health to listen to the growing calls to suspend all use of dangerous puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones in Queensland and order an immediate inquiry into the gender affirmation model considering the final report from the UK’s Cass Review.

If you are in Queensland, please sign this Parliamentary E-Petition to: 

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