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State-sanctioned Mis/disinformation in WA? 

WA State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) believes his State government’s Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment (Sex or Gender Changes) Bill 2024 legalises the spread of misinformation and disinformation. 

Peter Abetz said, “A person’s sex is an observable scientific fact that is recorded at birth. To allow the alteration of that record years later because a person wishes they had been born the opposite sex is to facilitate disinformation. Historic records need to be preserved, not doctored.    

“It is scientifically impossible to change a person’s sex. Even taking cross sex hormones does not change the fact that every cell retains the genetic marker of one’s sex.   

“If a male wants to act like a stereotypical female, or a female like a stereotypical male, they are free to do that. But for a government agency to certify a document that asserts that they are now a person of the opposite sex, is deception. Birth certificates will change from being a factual document describing a biological reality to describing what a person feels. And we know feelings can change.     

“The Attorney General said in his second reading speech that the bill will allow a person to have their legal identity align with their lived identity. But no legislation can change a person’s sex. 

“The bill does nothing to address the growing problem of biological males, who identify as females, entering female spaces such as toilets, showers, women’s domestic violence shelters and sports teams.” 

The ACL urges all State governments to return to the defense of truth in legislation.   

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