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Canavan and Pocock call for Inquiry into the Calvary Hospital Takeover

The Australian Christian Lobby congratulates Senator Matt Canavan on his introduction of the Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Amendment Bill 2023, and the Senate for today referring the Bill to a Senate inquiry.

Rob Norman, ACT’s ACL Director said, “ Canberrans will welcome the Senate’s consideration of whether there is sufficient community concern for the Federal Parliament to require the ACT Assembly to conduct its own inquiry into the hostile hospital takeover.

“The Canavan Bill accords with the recent request by Independent ACT senator David Pocock that an inquiry be held, at territory level, into the handling of the acquisition, due to community concerns raised with him.

 Mr Norman said, “The extraordinary haste of the takeover raised alarms with Calvary Health Care, its 1800 employees, residents of the ACT, and people across Australia who are concerned about the forced acquisition of property.

“The decision to take over Calvary Hospital came after the ACT Government’s criticism of Calvary’s unwillingness to conduct elective abortions, and in the light of the hospital’s almost certain objection to the ACT’s proposed assisted suicide laws.

 “The ACT Government’s actions set a dangerous precedent for hostile takeovers of faith- based institutions.  This inquiry will go some way towards restoring confidence in the democratic process”.

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