Media Release

Bill to provide surrogacy access for men

A bill to allow altruistic surrogacy access for male same-sex couples and single men will deliberately remove the rights of children to know their biological parents.  

The Australian Christian Lobby is concerned that this will only serve to commodify children and further exploit women.  

“The bill blatantly ignores the rights of a child, to wherever possible, be raised and loved by their biological father and mother,” commented Peter Abetz, ACL’s WA director.  

“The Australian Christian Lobby does not support surrogacy, sperm or egg donation altruistic or otherwise, because it commodifies the wombs of women and treats children like accessories.” 

“What this bill does is expose the lie that same sex marriage was just about two people who love each other being able to marry. The push to allow surrogacy for single men and male same-sex couples is symptomatic of a broader agenda to abolish traditional families.”  

“Surrogacy fundamentally allows adults to trade and bargain with human life, which in all other circumstances most West Aussie’s would be entirely against. Why should the lives of vulnerable children be treated any differently?” said Mr Abetz.  

The Australian Christian Lobby urges members in parliament to stand up for the rights of children to know their biological parents and vote against this bill.  

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