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Serious Warning Against Commercial Surrogacy 

The European Parliament’s recent declaration that surrogacy arrangements bear similarities to human trafficking has cast a somber light on the ethical implications of commercial surrogacy, raising significant concerns about the exploitation of economically vulnerable women and the neglect of children’s rights. 

Joshua Rowe, the New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory (NSW/ACT) State Director for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), emphasised, “The European Parliament’s classification of surrogacy as akin to human trafficking is a critical development, particularly as we head into this week’s parliamentary committee review of Alex Greenwich’s Equality Legislation Amendment Bill 2023. 

“One of the amendments proposed within Mr. Greenwich’s complex omnibus bill seeks to encourage commercial surrogacy arrangements abroad. This could lead to the exploitation of economically vulnerable women through the commodification of their reproductive systems, and consequentially the displacement of children from their biological mothers.” 

Mr. Rowe expressed concern about the broader implications for children, stating, “Commercial surrogacy often leads to situations where the rights and well-being of children are overshadowed by the desires of adults. Western politics emphasises individual freedom, autonomy, and rights. Yet, we frequently overlook the rights of babies and children, such as the right to life and, in this context, the right to be parented by their biological parents. These rights should take precedence over adult desires to fulfill their wish to have children.” 

Reinforcing the ethical concerns surrounding commercial surrogacy, Mr Rowe concluded, “Commercial surrogacy arrangements monetise human life, violating the sanctity of birth and family. This commercialisation is unethical and wrong. It should never be encouraged or sanctioned by law.” 

The Australian Christian Lobby calls on the NSW Community Services Committee to reject the ‘Equality Bill’ and any provisions that promote or support commercial surrogacy, advocating for a more ethical and compassionate approach to family building that protects the rights of women and children. 

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