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Conversion therapy to be outlawed in Victoria

The Australian Christian Lobby today calls on the Andrews government to clearly define what it means by conversion therapy.

“The term “conversion therapy” has been coined by activists without a clear definition to go along with it, so the rest of us are now left trying to discover what it means,” commented state director Dan Flynn.  

“If the Andrews government’s definition of conversion therapy means practices that are coercive, abusive or involuntary, or includes things like electric shock therapy then we can all agree that such things must be condemned. They are not part of any mainstream faith community in any event.”  

“However, if their understanding of conversion therapy impacts on Christian teaching, the ability for parents to model biblical values in the home, or individuals who voluntarily seek guidance regarding their sexual orientation or gender identity, then the laws will have gone too far.” 

“This would be seen as a direct attack on the faiths of millions of everyday Australians,” warned Mr Flynn. 

ACL’s managing director Martyn Iles said these concerns were not imaginary considering comments already made by the Health Complaints Commissioner Karen Cusack and Labor’s National Platform regarding conversion therapy.  

“The Commissioner’s report seems to apply the conversion therapy label to such things as counselling, prayer, and support groups. That strikes me as going too far.” 

“The ALP’s national policy platform formerly said that parents who didn’t affirm a child’s preferred gender identity could be domestic abusers. This year, they watered down their policy after receiving an ACL petition with 60,000 signatures.” 

“It’s alarming that the LGBT movement routinely makes claims that gender identity and sexual orientation can change, and yet they want to make it unlawful for other groups to make the same claim. The hypocrisy is staggering,” commented Mr Iles.

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