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Evidence the Nordic Model works in France

A startling admission by Strass, a French union for prostitutes, shows that the Nordic Model is working in France says the Australian Christian Lobby. 

During a recent event held to promote prostitution and protest against the 2016 French laws which introduced harsher penalties for clients, a spokeswoman for the union said, “this law has lowered the income of sex workers.”    

The ACL’s state director Christopher Brohier said, “This can only mean that fewer men are seeking to purchase women’s bodies for gratification. The culture regarding prostitution in France is slowly changing, with fewer men seeing women as objects who can be bought.”    

“This is what can happen in South Australia if the Parliament adopts the Nordic Model of prostitution law reform which decriminalises the sale of sexual services, provides meaningful exit strategies for prostituted persons and criminalises the purchase of sexual services and so prevents the industrialisation of prostitution,” commented Mr Brohier.    

The French union went on to make the unsubstantiated claim that the law had “increased the violence against [prostituted women]….”  That is an often made, but never substantiated, claim.  The evidence is to the contrary.     

ACL will continue to campaign against the Statutes Amendment (Decriminalisation of Sex Work) Bill 2018 introduced by the Greens into the SA Upper House earlier this year. This bill will only serve to increase trafficking and further degrade respect for women. 

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