Media Release

Government-funded Program Caught Teaching Bestiality in South Australian School

The Advertiser confirmed this week that Riverland-based SA school students were exposed to teachings on bestiality through a government-funded sex education program by HeadSpace. 

Bypassing normal protocols for parental permission, the program delivered to year 9 girls on ‘LGBTQIA+ and respectful relationships’ included graphic discussions on bestiality and incest, making some students so uncomfortable that they left for the bathroom and did not return. 

“This news is incredibly disturbing”, State Director for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Ashlyn Vice, commented. 

“The last thing a taxpayer-funded organisation engaged to promote mental health should be doing is subjecting children to forced conversations on forms of perverted sexual contact.” 

Miss Vice continued, “Parents of the students at this school have reported their outrage. Parents must be afforded the opportunity to have a say in what their children are exposed to on these topics.  

“Schools are not the place for activists to intrude upon the innocence of children. What happened at this Riverland school is totally unacceptable.” 

The ACL urges the South Australian Government to assure the community that the contents of this program will be strictly controlled in future, and that this presenter will not be allowed back into schools.  

Furthermore, the ACL urges the Government to review the content of sex education more broadly, including the respectful relationships program, in view of increasing parental concern that children are being exposed to inappropriate content. 

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