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 International Women’s Day: Time for the AHRC to Listen to Women  

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, pushback is increasing against the movement to allow trans women – that, is, men – into women’s spaces. 

In late February, the taxpayer funded Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) launched a consultation on ‘trans and gender diverse human rights’, its terms of reference exhibiting clear bias as they call for evidence of ‘anti-trans mobilisation, dis- and misinformation…. extremism and radicalisation’, reminiscent of activist tropes that claim any person questioning gender identity ideology is anti-trans. 

Ashlyn Vice, State Director for the Australian Christian Lobby, commented, “Despite the fact that gender identity ideology and the push to include men in women’s sports and spaces impacts every day Australian women, the AHRC banned the general public – including 12 million Australian women and girls – from participating in the consultation process. Instead, the AHRC is only accepting submissions from those whom they autonomously deem to be experts.” 

Vice continued, “What women want is protections and rights that guarantee our privacy and safety. Allowing a man to enter women’s changerooms, prisons, domestic violence shelters, and toilets, jeopardizes women’s safety – regardless of how that man may identify.” 

“Similarly, when a male athlete is allowed to compete in women’s sports, we disadvantage and insult the women who have dedicated their lives to excelling in their chosen sport.” 

“Less than 1% of the world’s population identify as trans, and yet the AHRC wants to indulge the requests of trans-activists instead of listening to everyday women who makeup 50% of the population. International women’s day is a reminder to us that the contribution of women is unique, and differences between the sexes ought not to be obfuscated but celebrated. It’s time for the AHRC to listen to women.” 

The Australian Christian Lobby calls on the Australian Government to guarantee protections for protected women’s spaces, women’s sports, and for the AHRC to allow Australian women to participate in their consultation on trans and gender diverse human rights.  

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