Media Release

ACT Canberra Liberals take a principled stand for freedom amid anti-conversion travesty

Last Thursday the ALP/Greens government’s 12 MPs outvoted the Liberal Opposition’s nine MPs and the Sexual & Gender Identity Conversion Practices Bill passed. The Australian Christian Lobby is disappointed by this outcome, due to the possibility that sensible parenting could be now criminalised, and faith leaders prevented from instructing in biblical truth.

“The ACL commends the Canberra Liberals for taking a principled stand,” ACL spokesperson Dan Flynn said. “Responding to a groundswell of community concern, Canberra Liberal leader, Alistair Coe, proposed two important amendments.

“One would have excluded parents, teachers and counsellors from the criminal provisions of the Bill. The other would have better protected faith-based schools and churches. The government did not accept these amendments.

“We commend the Canberra Liberal Opposition for voting against the Bill.

“From the Barr Labor-Greens government’s clandestine consultation to the last-minute passage of the Bill before the election begins in a month’s time, this bill is a travesty.

“It may take some time for the law to be implemented, so reforming this law is now an especially important election issue. We hope the next parliament amends this terrible law and restores freedoms for parents and faith communities.”


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