Media Release

Ruining a career due to religious views is harmful. Religious freedom is not.

The Herald Sun newspaper asked the Australian Christian Lobby to comment on the professional suspension of Doctor Jereth Kok.

ACL Managing Director commented on Dr Kok’s case in a recent episode of ACL video series The Truth of It , and told the Herald Sun:

“The ACL does not agree with every opinion or statement by Dr Kok. Religious freedom is important and like every human being, no example is perfect.”

“ACL knows many more cases like Dr Kok’s. If we can not restore religious freedom when regular parliament resumes, any Christian expressing opinion in their private time could be sacked or ruined.”

“It is an overreaction in the extreme to ruin someone’s career simply because they have said something that some people do not like, without evidence of any harm, especially when it’s a statement connected to their religious identity.”

“Opponents of freedoms claim that people of faith cause division when they speak, but firing someone and banning them for life from their medical profession is far more divisive than mere speaking, which we all do every day. Disagreement is not harmful, but ruining someone’s livelihood most certainly is.”


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