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Minister Hunt lacks reason for opposing inquiry into trans youth treatment surge

The Australian Christian Lobby has consistently called on the Federal Health Minister Hunt to support a full independent inquiry into a recent spike in children undergoing irreversible gender treatment and surgeries.

Recently Minister Hunt refused to back a government inquiry, with his office claiming that doing so could harm gender-questioning youth. However. this week, the Minister’s office has refused to confirm any such harms as the reason for refusing to launch an inquiry.

”The Minister’s failure to directly address the issue – and his office’s contradictions – demonstrate a reluctance to question affirmative treatment for gender confusion in children. This treatment includes puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and double mastectomies,” ACL spokesman Dan Flynn said.

“Children’s physical health and reproductive integrity are too important to be sacrificed to political correctness, in the hope of avoiding conflict with LGBTI activists.

“The 257 doctors who wrote to Minister Hunt in October are right to seek a government inquiry into the staggering rise of childhood gender dysphoria in Australia and the lack of scientific basis for current affirmative medical treatment.

“The Federal Government must take a stand against irreversible harm to our children,” Mr Flynn concluded, “They could learn from UK Equalities Minister Liz Truss who flagged this week that her government could ban minors undergoing irreversible gender treatments.”

“The UK government is taking a sensible, focussed approach by working on this vital issue alongside the vital COVID-19 response.”


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