Media Release

Labor hears Christian voice

The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed the strong findings in the Australian Labor Party’s post-election review indicating that it lost a great many Christian voters.

“After looking at the cold hard data, Labor now realises what the Australian Christian Lobby has been saying all along,” ACL Managing Director Martyn Iles observed.

“Labor’s strident advocacy to curtail the freedom of Christian schools and apparent antipathy towards religious freedom mobilised Christians to express their disapproval at the ballot box.”

“We worked hard in marginal seats, for instance putting leaflets in 65,000 letterboxes in marginal seats of Chisholm (Vic) and Boothby (SA) respectively, and 10,000 in Bass (Tas). Those seats were won by mere hundreds of votes.”

 “The report is a ringing endorsement of ACL’s significant influence in giving a voice to Christian voters, stating:

  • “Labor lost some support among Christian voters – particularly devout, first-generation migrant Christians,”

and the report recommends that: 

  • “Labor should broaden its support base by improving its standing with … groups within the Christian community …”

“The report also highlights the Israel Folau case – and Labor’s position on it – as a significant event in the campaign,” Mr Iles stressed, “It signalled to migrant communities that their devout faith would not be welcomed by a Labor administration.”

The report found that Christians and 25-34-year-old voters combined, contributed a 400,000 voter swing against Labor.

“Labor doubled down on its abandonment of Christian voters by pursuing the aggressive rainbow agenda like Safe Schools, politically correct speech and gender reassignment,” Mr Iles further outlined, highlighting this paragraph in the report:

  • “Labor as a whole did not project an image that was appealing to devout Christians. Announcing Labor’s sexual and reproductive health strategy 10 weeks from the election enabled conservative groups to target Christian voters in marginal electorates around the country, and in traditionally safe Labor seats in western Sydney.”

“The clear takeaway here is that Labor can’t win marginal seats or hold on to support from migrant communities while disrespecting people of faith,” Mr Iles concluded, “The ACL looks forward to Labor genuinely engaging with Christian voters to respect their beliefs and freedoms. A vital first step is to back sensible protections on religious freedom.”

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