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Latham’s bill backs parents over gender confusing bureaucrats

The Hon. Mark Latham MLC should be praised for tabling a bill that upholds mothers, fathers and families as the foundation of society, not government and its schools, the Australian Christian Lobby said. Parents have the prime responsibility to teach their children values and ethics. Schools have no right to undermine parents and impose scientifically debunked and damaging gender fluidity doctrine.

The ACL commended Mr Latham for introducing his groundbreaking Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020 in the Legislative Council.

“In December, the NSW Minister for Education Hon Sarah Mitchell acknowledged that instilling values and social and political positions in children was a parent’s job, not that of schools,” ACL Chief Political Officer Dan Flynn said, “This bill makes that a reality by requiring school authorities to respect parents’ primary role in shaping their child’s values and beliefs.

“The bill prohibits the teaching of the medically and scientifically false view that gender is fluid. This bill is long overdue and critically important, particularly with an alarming spike in confused children being referred to gender clinics.

“Despite the NSW Government banning the Safe Schools program in 2017, unaccountable bureaucrats have flagrantly reintroduced Safe Schools gender fluidity into schools. This bill will provide much-needed protection for parents and children from gender confusion being taught in schools.

“The NSW Government should support this Bill and its swift passage through the parliament.”

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