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Lord’s Prayer should remain a part of opening parliament

A new Greens plan to remove the Lord’s Prayer from the NSW Upper House is an attack on Christians, Australia’s heritage and the traditions of Australia’s oldest Parliament, the Australian Christian Lobby said today.

Greens MLC Abigail Boyd proposes changing the prayer to a meditational ritual where members “stand in silence and pray or reflect” on their responsibilities.

“This Greens attempt to rewrite history and attack tradition isn’t about inclusivity at all, it’s misguided hostility towards Christianity, a faith which is about love, peace and humility,” ACL NSW Director Kieren Jackson said.

“The Lord’s Prayer encourages elected representatives to be humble, selfless and aware of a power greater than themselves at work in our world.”

“Time and again the Greens prove that their end game is the complete secularisation of Australia. The Christian ethos underpinning western civilisation has fostered free and prosperous societies, including our liberal democracy.”

“We call on the members of the Legislative Council to vote against removing the Lord’s Prayer from the Parliament”, Mr Jackson said.


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