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NT MPs rush through abortion to birth bill with no community consultation

With callous disregard for human life, the Northern Territory parliament has  legislated for abortion up until birth with no exceptions and with no community consultation.

Ironically, the agenda for the day also included a debate on amending the Care and Protection of Children Act 2007. 

The Australian Christian Lobby’s Northern Territory Director, Christopher Brohier said,

“The NT MPs have decreed today that whether a child deserves care and protection depends on whether they are wanted or unwanted, whether they are healthy or have a disability.

“The Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform Legislation Amendment Bill 2021 is a brutal and callous bill for the baby, for the mother, for the medical practitioners and other staff. Had community consultation been allowed to occur the MPs would have received the message that has been echoed across Australia in every poll conducted: Australians do not approve of late term abortion.

“This is a sad day for Territorians. This abortion to birth bill facilitates abortion coercion, mandates no counselling support, and will leave many vulnerable women to deal with the reality of abortion grief on their own. 

“The Assembly has passed a law which will allow women to be pressured by their male partners to have abortions right up to birth. The Health Minister has aided in the triumph of the ‘patriarchy.’  

“In arguing that the Bill allows more time for disabilities to be detected, proponents show callous disregard for the dignity and worth of people with disabilities. The inevitable end of the proponents’ argument is that many people with disabilities should not have been born. That should cause all Territorians outrage. 

“Contrary to NT Health Minister’s cry of ‘shame’ for MPs who were reticent to support the bill, the shame is in the fact that so many MPs support legislation which permits the killing of healthy, viable, full-term babies.

“The ACL calls on future NT Parliaments to make amendments to this Bill after proper community consultation.”


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