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Oppressive unnecessary bill may harm Tasmanians

The Rockliff Government’s proposed Justice Miscellaneoius (Conversion Practices) Bill restricts help for vulnerable Tasmanians, including children, and may cause actual harm.

The Tasmanian Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Christopher Brohier, said today “The Bill is an entirely unnecessary piece of legislation. Since the biased report of the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute was released in May 2022 there has not been one verified case produced by the promoters of this legislation. This is a Bill to fix a non-existent problem.

“This legislation has the potential to cause actual harm as it will make it harder for vulnerable Tasmanian children who are on a pathway leading to sex change treatment and surgery, resulting in their infertility.”

He said, “Tasmanians need to ask the following questions of the Premier:

  1. Will this Bill encourage sterilisation of the vulnerable by pushing affirmation therapy?
  2. How can the Government assure Tasmanians that this Bill not prevent parents and families talking openly to sex confused kids, as in Victoria?
  3. What research has the Rockliff Government done in relation to overseas developments, especially in Finland, Sweden, Norway, France and the UK?
  4. Will the Government assure us that the Bill will not criminalise discussions in homes that promote biblical sexual conduct ie. that we are male or female?
  5. Can the Government assure us that this Bill will not put pastors in jail for counselling according to the Bible?”

The ACL calls on the Tasmanian Parliament to delay this unnecessary bill until there is a proper inquiry into the treatment of sex confused young people in Tasmania. The potential consequences are too great for this not to occur.

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