Media Release

QHRC undermines Christian schooling

Controversial recommendations by the Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC) would remove the right of Christian schools to exclusively hire teachers and staff whose values align with the religious ethos of the schools, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL’s Queensland Director, Rob Norman said; “This report is an attack on Christian education. Religious schools are places where students practice their faith along with teachers and staff. The idea that staff members are not required to live according to the religious profession of the school community is at odds with faith-based learning.

“The Australian Bureau of Statistics show a 3.6% growth in independent school enrolments in 2021, indicating that parents are increasingly choosing to send their children to schools with strongly held values and beliefs. The Queensland government would be wrong to deny Queensland parents genuine choice in education.

“With the Queensland Government expected to introduce amendments to the Anti-Discrimination Act before the end of the year, the ACL calls on MPs to protect Christian education and allow schools to select staff who will be ambassadors for the school’s mission”, Mr Norman said.

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