Media Release

Abhorrent abortion-to-birth proposal must be rejected

Pro-abortion Labor MP Nat Cook said earlier this week “The suggestion of aborting full-term healthy babies is abhorrent and to say this is what the bill is about is completely sickening.”

“That is precisely what the abortion-to-birth bill is about,” ACL state director Christopher Brohier said today. “Ms Cook and parliamentarians should reject the abortion-to-birth proposal because it is abhorrent and sickening.”

A practising barrister, Mr Brohier outlined that the current law only allows a full-term baby to be aborted if it is to preserve a mother’s life.

“The abortion-to-birth bill sponsored by the Liberal government loosens these criteria to allow two doctors to sign off on ‘medically appropriate’ late-term abortions, including for maternal psychosocial conditions. In Victoria, 65 babies a year are aborted purely for those reasons.”

“Members of Parliament sickened by late-term abortion should reject Attorney-General Chapman’s proposal to allow abortion to birth.”


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