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Premier and Cabinet must put the brakes on abortion opportunism

As global COVID-19 pandemic responses unfolded, the Australian Christian Lobby repeatedly warned the South Australian government not to override state abortion laws. With a live debate underway in Parliament, now is not the time to make abortion more prevalent and more dangerous for women.

“Media reports on Friday indicate there is a push on from the Attorney-General’s office to have the newly empowered State Coordinator (Police Commissioner Grant Stevens) override SA abortion laws,” ACL SA Director Christopher Brohier said. “This push would allow women to take abortion drugs without proper medical supervision, so endangering their lives. It will further proliferate abortion in this state.”

“The Premier and Cabinet must step in,” Mr Brohier said. “Abortion law policy is a conscience vote for the parliament and should not be highjacked by agents within the government, using the COVID-19 emergency as a pretext.”


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