Media Release

Fake news used to push unnecessary abortion law changes

The Australian Christian Lobby said that a push for “no-speech” zones around SA abortion clinics, scheduled for State Parliament this week, relies on a deeply flawed survey.

“The Flinders University Abortion Perception Survey is unscientific. It is not a random sample of South Australians. It is likely to only have been answered by those with an interest in the topic, especially those who support abortion,” ACL SA director Christopher Brohier said, “The survey questions were extremely biased to gain pro-abortion answers. There was no filter to ensure only South Australians answered it.  The questions were also constructed to delegitimise those of religious persuasion.”

“It is also wrong to draw conclusions from the survey to suggest South Australians support abortion-to-birth. The survey did not ask that question.”

The Australian Christian Lobby said that the private member’s bill to establish 150 metre censorship zones was based on further false assertions.

“There has been no successful prosecution of so-called ‘protestors’ outside the Woodville abortion clinic,” Mr Brohier noted, “There was a prosecution about 8 or 9 years ago which was dismissed.” 

“A few people gather about 50 metres away from the entrance to an abortion clinic to quietly pray for mothers and their unborn children. That is not protest or intimidation, nor does it justify censorship zones in numerous undefined areas in South Australia. The bill will have a chilling effect on our freedoms. Parliament should reject it.”


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