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Close outcome shines light on crucial 2021 abortion vote

Those who care for the vulnerable, viable babies and little unborn girls and boys shone a bright light last night in the SA Upper House, the Australian Christian Lobby said today, praising the Hons Clare Scriven, Nicola Centofanti and Dennis Hood for contributions on the abortion to birth bill that will illuminate the Lower House debate in 2021.

Mr Christopher Brohier, ACL’s SA Director said, “Sadly their efforts were not enough. The Upper House voted to allow abortion to birth 12 votes to 9 and rejected an amendment which would have banned gender selection abortion 11 votes to 10.”

“Members had before them an Attorney-General’s Office fact sheet which said in relation for late term abortions:

‘In later term terminations, either an induction of labour or surgery will be used.

If induction of labour is the chosen method of termination, the most usual outcome in this situation is that the baby will be stillborn. In this instance, palliative care is offered, the baby born it (sic) is wrapped in a blanket and the mother is given the opportunity to hold the baby as it dies. In some instances, in late termination feticide is undertaken which means the baby will be stillborn.’

“MLCs knew they were voting to allow babies to be born and left to die or to sanction the in utero killing of living unborn children, which is feticide, yet they did so!”

Mr Brohier said the final words should be left to the Hon David Ridgway MLC, who in the last speech of the debate said, “I have listened to the debate and listened to the amendments but mostly the ones I have supported have been lost. The one I wanted to make particular comment about was the Hon. Mr Hood’s gender selection amendment. That was a very close vote in the end but I think it demonstrates to me that this chamber really has not had the health and wellbeing in mind of either the mother or the child when they were not prepared to support the Hon. Mr Hood’s amendment about gender selection.”

“He is right. ACL calls on the Lower House to reject abortion to birth when the bill is debated there in 2021.

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