Media Release

SA government must resist call for deadly DIY drugs

The Australian Christian Lobby today called upon the South Australian government to continue its strong handling of the COVID-19 crisis by resisting calls to relax access to deadly abortion drugs.

“Women’s safety is put at risk by abortion activists’ calls for a relaxation of Therapeutic Goods Authority guidelines, so that DIY abortion drugs can be loosely accessed during the COVID-19 crisis,” ACL SA director Christopher Brohier said today, “We put the warning out nationwide last week that governments must resist this dangerous campaign.”

“The problems with this drug were outlined in our release. In a time of crisis, we must extend care to pregnant women and not allow the ideological agenda of ‘reproductive rights experts’ to override their welfare.”

”We further call on the government to rule that abortions are non-essential procedures, and so allow more medical resources to be available to care for COVID-19 victims.” Mr Brohier said.


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