Media Release

More Australian victims emerging of gender-affirming approach to trans ideation

The story of yet another young Australian man falling victim to swift progression through gender affirmation therapy strikes at the heart of the current debate in Tasmania over the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute (TLRI) report which recommends the very treatment that has left Ollie Davies sterilized, and his partner devastated.

Tasmanian Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Christopher Brohier, said “The Tasmanian government must listen to the emerging stories of young men and women such as this brave young man, Ollie, suffering serious, tragic, consequences after undergoing affirmation therapy. If the TLRI recommendations are followed, many more young Tasmanians will be led down a path that will leave them tragically and irreversibly affected.”

For the sake of vulnerable young Tasmanians, the ACL urges the Tasmanian government to conduct its own independent judicial inquiry before considering any legislative response.


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